6 reasons why you should outsource the recruitment of freelancers

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If it’s your responsibility to manage an agile workforce for the business you work for, or your own company, you’ll be able to identify with the many common issues that can arise from the recruitment process.

Your business needs efficient workers, specific skill sets and to be able to trust freelancers to deliver on each task given to them. You’ll have noticed similarities in recruiting full time employees; finding the right freelancers can be time consuming and costly, without the right support and processes in place. So if you’ve not yet considered outsourcing the recruitment process for freelancers, here are some reasons that may help you make that decision.

1. Trust

Often working remotely, freelancers may never step foot in your office but will be given access to confidential information and trusted to deliver what they promise. If you’ve never worked with them before, you are taking a risk on their reliability and ability to do the job. Outsourcing recruitment means all freelancers will be pre-vetted, reducing this risk considerably.

2. Team morale

If your freelancers work in your office and you’re having to regularly replace them, this can negatively affect morale amongst your team and the office atmosphere as a result. They may be pulled from a project half way through, leaving others to pick up tasks outside of their own responsibilities. A 3rd party will help ensure fruitful long-term relationships with freelancers, avoiding these issues in the future.

3. Time

There are far more freelancers than there are jobs for them, meaning you have a vast pool of talent to search for the right person, and this continues to grow each day. There are platforms such as People Per Hour and Freelancer which will source freelancers quickly, but the risk factor is high for following this process, as well as it not being a scalable model should your workforce size need to increase.

4. Money

By outsourcing the recruitment of freelancers, you’ll receive a trusted source of skills, saving you both time and money. Fees are clear from the outset and from working with reliable freelancers you’ll save money from avoiding having to re-hire. Long-term relationships with freelance workers are far more cost-efficient for businesses looking to grow. Not forgetting there will be no need to spend on recruitment advertisement or social media promotions to find the right team.

5. References

Requesting references from each freelancer you are interested in hiring is not the best use of your time. Using a 3rd party will provide immediate feedback, reviews from past clients, details on projects completed and confirmation of the skills they say they can provide. Giving you that extra reassurance, whilst you concentrate on your own responsibilities.

6. Interviews

You’ll always need a screening process, of course, but with support, this can be tailored exactly to the aims and objectives of your projects or contracts. Video interviews are currently the best way to get to know freelancers, which also means no restrictions on where they live. For example, Proffy conducts video interviews with shortlisted freelancers, which are then delivered to the client to watch when is most convenient for them.

In summary, it is entirely possible for you to search for freelancers and follow your own recruitment process. But if you’d like to save time, money and reduce the risk to your company and team, outsourcing can provide the perfect solution.

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