Proffy is a marketplace for businesses and self-employed workers who want to take advantage of the freelance economy. Our platform connects both parties to centralise the entire engagement life-cycle; sourcing talent, managing projects, submitting and approving timesheets, monitoring budgets, contracts and compliance, facilitating payments and more – all in one place.


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So, what is our why?

We do what we do because we love what the freelance economy represents and how that differs from person to person. For example, it opens the world up for a young adventurer or digital nomad, provides a steady income for work at home Mums, allows a start-up to scale their resource and creates agility for large corporates. Whatever it means to an individual or group, it’s about freedom and harnessing time; which for us are the two most important assets in life.

Why work with us?

yourbau about Why work with us

Hiring a freelancer for strategic projects is no different than hiring permanent staff, you still need quality, reliability and someone who can integrate into your teams and culture. It has become a challenge to identify and engage with the genuine talent out there, especially via middleman freelance sites. Posting projects and waiting for responses doesn’t meet due diligence standards, it’s both time consuming to write job specifications that are engaging and there’s no guarantee that you will get responses from the most talented professionals. We take this pain away by operating an end to end recruitment service, taking your brief and reaching out to the best people for the job, selling your brand, interviewing candidates and providing a management platform to simplify the entire process.

Our team

Josh Hanning

Josh Hanning

Josh gained his experience from over a decade in the IT and Technology sectors, in various senior positions.

He was responsible for key account management at West Corporation and delivered in excess of £2m in revenue for a fast-growth Managed Services Provider in London. The first steps of the Proffy journey were when Josh founded a value-added reseller business called BAU Systems. After 4 years, the brand transitioned into Proffy.

Josh’s working knowledge spans multiple business functions, including finance, operations, sales, marketing and partner management. Josh is a domain expert for the freelance economy, providing strategic direction on matters such as technology, compliance, talent acquisition and marketplace developments.

Sam Butterworth

Sam Butterworth

Over the last 20 years, Sam has built a broad marketing, brand and communications toolkit by developing the marketing and communications of international businesses with a combined turnover of over £1.2bn. The common denominator is the delivery of return on marketing investment in fast-growth environments.

One of Sam’s passions is focusing resource on the activity that makes a material difference to the bottom line, excluding everything else. With this ethic, he’s made a name for himself with numerous private-equity and start-up businesses, where being lean and focused are essential.

Sam’s experience as a marketing leader, consultant and business transformation specialist spans B2B, B2C, retail, technology, automotive, education, charity, financial services, logistics, legal and insurance.
Darren Hilton

Darren Hilton

Non-Executive Director
Darren’s leadership skills and experience were first developed in the military, afterwards using them to transition into a successful business career.

He initially worked for several US enterprise technology companies, later becoming Managing Director at HandHeld PCs, a software development start-up. Darren was pivotal in turning around the ISP business, leading to its acquisition by Timico Technology Group in 2010.

Darren’s passion for developing people and helping individuals achieve their goals has led to demonstrable results in meeting numerous business targets. He has since professionally qualified as an executive coach, team coach and group facilitator, with a focus on the transformational development of leaders and their teams.

Steve Horne

Non-Executive Director
Steve is an experienced business leader and technologist, with over 20 years’ working for IT vendors and start-ups. He’s an enthusiastic and outspoken technology strategist, and is seen by many in the industry as a trusted adviser.

Steve helps companies develop IT strategy around desktop, applications, hosting, virtualisation and service offerings. He’s done this from the early days of ASP, to the current ‘on-premises’ and ‘as a service’ models. Steve always looks to demystify technology by delivering elegant, easy to understand solutions that provide businesses with a return on their investment.

As well as his role at Proffy, he was CEO at Droplet Computing and provides consultancy to multiple organisations around technology strategy.