The Client

Cosmos are experts in educational and social care who engage with and inspire young people with outreach activities. The also deliver powerful research and evaluation programmes to the third and private sectors. Cosmos have clients across the UK spanning HEIs, NCOP consortia networks, HE Marketing and Access teams, through to Students Services, Schools & Colleges, Local Authorities, and Independent Fostering Agencies.

What did they need?

Expert flexible resource

Building on their in-house team of five, Cosmos wanted access to Quantitative and Qualitative researchers to help them accomplish specific tasks when their workload increased. Having a partner like Proffy who could quickly access the talent they needed was integral to the delivery of their key projects.

Refreshed marketing

The company has quickly grown out of the skill sets of its two founders, and its research and outreach programmes have thrived. However, their original proposition had significantly evolved, with the acquisition of new clients and the addition of a new team. They wanted to revisit their proposition to make it more relevant to their expanding audience across the UK.

How did they benefit?

Working with Proffy dramatically reduced the speed of hire in a niche sector where accessing talent can be a challenge. Proffy’s global reach proved to be very useful, allowing us to source researchers internationally, as opposed to being restricted geographically. Not only did we benefit from the vast global reach, but labour costs were also much lower when compared with the UK and quality was very high. Cosmos have found the process of finding, managing and paying freelancers to be very simple by outsourcing to Proffy.

By leveraging its talent network, Proffy delivered a series of group workshops led by an expert marketeer, aimed at refining and enhancing their values, mission, and vision. Subsequent strategy sessions were used to understand who they should be targeting and what the messaging and methods used to engage with their clients and prospects should look like. Cosmos benefited by aligning their team around a common focus and by working together to agree a set of values that they all connected with, increasing team spirit and emotional investment in the business.