Tapping The Source

The Client

Tapping The Source offer leadership and team coaching services into a variety of sectors, spanning Technology, Finance, Healthcare and more. Using a scientific approach to coaching, TTS help business leaders and teams to become more self-aware so that they can challenge assumptions and identify areas of improvement to ultimately increase individual or collective performance.



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What did they need?

Increase Inbound

Coaching has been a rapidly growing Industry in recent years with many variations and styles, both in person and online. Tapping The Source required support solidifying their web presence and wanted to explore digital avenues in order for the business to target and attract more clients.


It was important for them to produce content which clearly represented their values, services, and differentiators. A key part of this was project was understanding how TTS wanted to be perceived in the marketplace, who their ideal clients are and how we could work together to create a strategy which encompassed these factors.

Flexible, cost-effective resource

TTS wanted to work with a partner who was consultative and could offer access to flexible, cost-effective resources. Remaining focused on their existing clients and commitments while scaling their business was vital.

How did they benefit?

Proffy were able to access the specialist skills to create and refine content, develop their website so that visitors were converting and begin to promote their business across various organic and paid digital channels. We provided them with a platform to manage both their projects and freelancers without becoming distracted, taking care of contracts, budgets, invoicing and payments in one place. This allowed TTS to continue serving their existing clients, leaning on Proffy for project management resource to ensure that their objectives were being delivered.

Working with Proffy dramatically reduced the time spent managing people, individual tasks and ensuring that payments were made on time. Not only did we recruit the best people for the job, but we also combined that with an innovative platform to manage all aspects of the project. We delivered much more than just a freelancer management system, the people services both in recruitment and project management were equally, if not more important. TTS has never been busier, expanding its services into European markets and have the ability to scale without requiring in-house resource.