Mindset Mastery for Independent workers

Train your mind like you train your body

Recent developments in neuropsychology have proven that the human brain is capable of significant change throughout adult life and with carefully designed training that attitude and mindset can be developed to be more positive as a result. Based on this knowledge and using the same evidence based behavioural techniques that sports psychologists use, we offer the proven Mindset Mastery blended learning program.

YB Freelance Diargram

Improved self-motivation

Reduced levels of stress

Higher engagement

Long-lasting improved performance

Research shows that within any roles in business, motivation and resilience are very significant factors in long term success. Faced with the continual challenges, organisational changes and cut and thrust of the business world, it is essential that freelancers can quickly bounce back from set-backs and stay self-motivated.

Proffy quote Mike Tyson

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

Mike Tyson

How does it work

  • Complete the motivation and resilience questionnaire to establish a benchmark
  • The course opens with a live group webinar for 1 hour
  • Gain access to three bite-sized modules to be completed online – 2 week intervals are recommended
  • Take your learning into the workplace – this is where the real development takes place
  • Complete all modules within 3 month’s
  • Attend the concluding 1 hour development workshop
  • Successful delegates are awarded the Proffy Mindset Mastery Certificate