Five reasons you should hire freelancers for your agency

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As an agency owner, your priority is your client’s success. How you achieve that success using a diverse workforce has never been easier, due to the increase in the number of self-employed marketing and creative professionals.

Clients need to be reassured your agency has the skills and experience to produce the work that you have promised, they should care little for how those people are paid. So here are five great reasons you should hire freelancers for your agency.

1.  Cost-effectiveness

Freelancers may seem expensive, particularly those with many years’ experience, but it’s important to remember they tend to work on a project basis. Bringing in a freelancer to achieve specific short-term objectives is a lot more cost effective than investing in a permanent hire for your agency. There are no costs for equipment or tax and insurance with freelancers, so they are a great option for those tasks that do not require someone to work on-site full-time or part-time.

2. Flexibility

Say your client has just briefed you on a last-minute campaign, that will take up time from your regular team. You still have the day to day work for other clients to be completed, so a freelancer can be brought in on a flexible basis for times like these. Equally, if a project falls through or timelines are pushed back, freelancers are expected to be agile. Unlike employees where your salary costs will remain the same even if your incoming fees have altered.

3. Wider talent-pool

Using freelancers means there are no geographical restrictions, especially as communication methods these days mean you can see and speak to them whenever you need to. Yes, you’ll still find those willing to work from your office, but why limit the opportunity to access skills and experience, no matter where they live. You could find your agency working with freelancers in different countries, offering a fresh perspective on your project and client needs.

4. Innovative

Expanding on the wider talent-pool benefit, using freelancers can bring a degree of innovation to your agency. Introducing these skilled workers to your team can often change the dynamics and prevent the habits of your team turning stale. Freelancers are productive by nature, getting paid by the hour or by project means they don’t waste time in unnecessary meetings and focus solely on the task in hand.

5. Experience

Not only do freelancers bring their unique experience to your projects – you can choose those that have worked with similar agencies and clients in the past, but with that experience comes the confidence to provide insights and challenges. They will not be afraid to give honest feedback, as they, more than anyone, will want the best results for their work. Freelancers will use their past employment and freelance working experience to their ideas, which will also boost your team into challenging their own ways of working.


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