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Another freelance site? Not exactly.

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Retain 100% of your fee

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Timesheets & expenses centralised

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Contracts are handled

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Compliance and Insurance

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Self-employed? Great, you should join our network.

Why? For starters, it’s free – you retain 100% of your fee and we actively refer you into new clients. We take care of the admin – all you need to do is submit your timesheets and get paid on time, every time.

Other Services

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Pensions: Nutmeg

Proffy in partnership with Nutmeg, offer an easy to set up and accessible pension plan for the self-employed. See your pension’s value and how it’s performing – whenever you want.

Cashback: Proffy rewards

Earn 3% cashback by accumulating 20,000 points within a calendar year. That’s equivalent to minimum employer pension contributions in the UK. See user agreement
Cashback Proffy rewards


We offer blended learning and development programs which consist of e-learning, group and team courses. All delivered by qualified experts who can help you to increase your performance, resilience and general wellbeing.