Seven characteristics that make the best freelancers

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Recruiting freelancers for your agency can be a daunting prospect. You welcome them into your business, even if only remotely, sometimes introduce them to your clients and expect them to care as much as you do. Thankfully most of the time this should all go smoothly, but it’s worth noting just exactly what you should be looking for when making a decision between freelancers you want to work with. Here are seven of the best characteristics to look out for.


Trust is key for a freelancer working with an agency, as they not only answer their client which is you, but their work impacts further down the line on your clients too. You need a freelancer that can demonstrate they have the experience to value the service your agency provides and can be trusted to deliver the work they say they will.


Timescales may be tight for your project, but you don’t want a rushed job. A good freelancer will take their time and value a good job over a fast one. Their work should be detailed and thorough and it is these freelancers that often go above and beyond what is asked of them.


Not to be confused with arrogance, freelancers must have confidence in their own abilities, especially when self-employed. Working with agencies, confidence means not being afraid to challenge a brief or client requests, when appropriate. They are a fresh pair of eyes so invite their feedback and see what new direction it takes you.


As an agency owner, it’s likely you are using freelancers to free up time that could be better spent elsewhere in your business. So, the last thing you need is to have to hand-hold someone in their role. Good freelancers can manage their own time effectively and will be extremely productive in the time allocated to them.


Freelancers should be driven by purpose, helping you to achieve success will be their success. Be clear with your goals for the project or campaign and the right freelancers will support you and your team in smashing them.


If you’ve chosen a freelancer for their sector experience or specialist skills, they should live and breathe their subject. Look out for freelancers who wax-lyrical about the latest industry trends, or read around the subject, as having an expert on your team will be invaluable.


Professionalism comes with experience, and this is vital should you need a freelancer to have contact with clients, as well as deal with your existing team. Knowing the nuances of office and agency life can make all the difference in how everyone views a remote worker in the team. Your freelancer should be positive, engaged and helpful to others, with a good dose of common-sense of course.


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