Ten agency roles that can be outsourced to freelancers

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Whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran of the agency world, considering which job roles could be outsourced can save you both time and money as you scale. There are certain agency roles that would be difficult to be fulfilled by a freelancer, such as client services and project management, but there are far more that suit the flexibility and agile ways of working with specialists in their field, particularly for specific projects and campaigns. Here are ten agency roles that can be easily outsourced.

1. Copywriters

One of the most popular freelance roles is that of a copywriter, as the job can be done anywhere in the world, with just a laptop. Agency owners can build a pool of writers and negotiate payment terms by word count or project, keeping costs low and time to manage them, to a minimum.

2.Content strategy

Different to a copywriter in that content strategists don’t tend to write the content, but it’s a growing area of marketing that requires experience and knowledge of multiple platforms and consumer behaviour, that could easily be carried out remotely and on a project basis such as for the launch of a new website.

3. Public relations managers

Media relations, creative strategy, research and writing press releases, can all be fulfilled remotely by freelance PR professionals, using their own computers and phones for communications. Many work on a campaign basis and towards specific short-term goals for clients.

4. Social media managers

Often a job that requires out-of-hours management anyway, taking care of client social channels and managing communities is perfect for freelancers who fit it in around other client commitments.

5. Paid media specialists

Placing bids, managing advertising budgets and creating ad copy that drives clicks is all best handled by a specialist. So, if your agency doesn’t have the experience in-house, a paid media professional is a great solution.

6. Designers

For website design or printed media formats, designers often work remotely on a project basis. Catch up meetings via Skype can help you discuss changes to designs and your agency team can handle client communications, leaving the designer to do what they do best.

7. Developers

A role that often needs peace and quiet (or headphones) for concentration, developers are suited to working independently. They often have established working partnerships with designers, so look out for those who come recommended.

8. IT support

Whether you need a specialist for a particular system, or just someone to field those staff issues that need a ‘turn it off and on again’ response, IT specialists are more than accustomed to working contractually.

9. Human Resources

If your agency needs all the proper HR processes and procedures to be put in place, a freelance consultant can help with making sure everything is above board and your staff are well cared for.

10.  Sales

A sales consultant is often paid on a day rate basis and then commission based as per each client account they help you secure. As a field-based role, they don’t often need to be at a desk anyway, so working with a freelancer can be a great way to bring in new business.


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